Things to do in Nanaimo

Nanaimo is an oasis near Vancouver Island. It’s a placed filled with green peaks and natural beauty.
The place attracts different visitors for its urban yet natural beauty. It contains all the regular pleasures of a developed city including big shopping centers and eateries.

Apart from its urban side, the city of Nanaimo serves its visitors with a wide range of self-guided walk tours through its wilderness.
You can explore the place for its rich history. The old city quarter on top of a hill is a place well known to tourists.

Harbour Island & Island Hopping:
Nanaimo is also known as Harbour City. You can hop between multiple islands while staying there.
One of the most prominent islands is the Newcastle Island that is home to a provincial park filled with marine life. It offers a breathtaking view from its Bastion fortress.

Take a 10-minute ferry and you’ll be in a forest where you can ride a bike on muddy terrains or hike through the wilderness. From sandy beaches to dense forests, there are many things to see.
Summer is the best time to go Island hopping because of many activities that are going on at the pavilion.

Both Land & Water Activities:
Nanaimo is one of the very few places in Canada that offer both land and water activities having equal amounts of thrill and joy.

You can choose between taking a ferry in its waters and driving through the lush green forest. Land-based activities include hiking, mountain biking, and bird watching.
While fishing, kayaking, and swimming are common water-based activities that happen in the water.

Nanaimo is a place famous in scuba divers for its crystal clear waters and beautiful underwater reefs that have been artificially created at the harbor.

Other activities that attract tourists from all of Canada and beyond include rock climbing and bungee jumping.

Parks and Trails:
Nanaimo is a city following planned development, which makes it even more beautiful. There are 200 spaces on the city’s map marked as parks and trails.
Directions to these green spaces can be found in brochures available at the city’s Visitor Center.

Performing Arts:
The place is also well known for its musical culture. It has produced some famous jazz musicians as well.

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